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    1. 800W pure copper motor (US 6.7A), rotating speed 800-3000SPM, six-speed adjustable speed, 1-4 is suitable for cutting plastic plates, 2-3 is suitable for cutting metal plates, 3-4 is suitable for cutting stainless steel plates, 3 -6 gear is suitable for cutting aluminum, 5-6 gear is suitable for cutting wood
    2. With magnetic saw blade storage box, convenient to store saw blades
    3. Maximum adjustable cutting angle: -45°-45°, cutting stroke: 22mm, maximum cutting depth: wood 110mm, metal: 10mm, to achieve more uses, such as tangent, bevel or curved cutting, quick release chuck You can switch saw blades quickly and without tools
    4. Built-in laser guide to guide the cutting direction and facilitate cutting;
    5. 0-3 gear lifting knife, suitable for different cutting materials, the higher the gear, the faster the cutting speed, softer materials are used, the lower the gear, the slower the cutting speed, and the harder materials are used
    6. The handle has soft rubber, which provides a good grip and can be anti-skid; with a self-locking switch;
    7. With accessories: parallel guide ruler, used to guide and control the cutting width; 6pc saw blade, different saw blades can be selected according to the material (2 cut metal and aluminum, 4 cut wood and plastic board);
    8. 3m long power cord, convenient for mobile work
    9. With dust removal system, it can effectively reduce the random flying of cutting sawdust


    Voltage: 230VEU / 120V US
    Speed ​​(6 speed): 800-3000rpm
    Maximum power: 800W
    Current: 6.7A

    Package contents

    1 * HYCHIKA Laser Jig Saw
    6 * Jigsaw Blades
    1 * Metal Guide Ruler
    1 * Blade Guard
    1 * Storage Case
    1 * User Manual.
    Attention: Place the base plate tightly to the material when cutting.

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HYCHIKA Jig Saw 6.7A 800W 800-3000SPM with 6 Variable Speeds

Jigsaw, 6.7A 800W HYCHIKA Jig Saw 800-3000SPM with 6 Variable Speeds, 4 Orbital Sets, Bevel Angle 45°, 6PCS Blades, Pure Copper Motor, Laser Level, Carrying Case Wood Metal Plastic Cutting
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